i want everything to stop; the hurt and this piercing pain and the longing.

i want them to stop.


still so much beauty to capture.
my heart yearns for you.


i told u once about a plan for us; to visit amsterdam then iceland to see the northern lights. you told me, whatever i want you’re onboard and that you wanna do everything with me.

to let u know, i followed thru with that plan. i made it happen. difference is, you weren’t physically with me.

was i happy during those days, certainly am. it’s just so different from the way i had envisioned it then.

as we both say, times are changing and so are we and our priorities.

just wanna let u know i was carrying you in my heart from down under to the land of camels, straight to the windmills and all the way up north.

forever wishing u good health, joy-filled purpose driven life and the continuous build up of those flying hours. 😋😜

i love you buddy.

here’s an aurora sighting for you.
IMG_0935 1-1
happiest birthday! 😘


i know your past is broken
you can move on it’s over now
here in the presence of the Lord


| Here In The Presence – Elevation Worship